Don’t Defer when You Can Prevent

The Georgia Statewide Maintenance contract was established to help state agencies, cities, and counties combat the challenge of facility maintenance, extending the life and investment of their property.


Convenient, Efficient, Affordable Operations


The Georgia Statewide Maintenance Contract 99999-001-SPD0000154-0001 (SWC) provides a single source for preventive/scheduled and corrective/unscheduled maintenance services for Georgia’s public entities. By utilizing a standardized platform that captures accurate data with ease, CGL and DOAS have been successful in improving both operations and cost savings for those we serve.

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The buildings operated by most Georgia agencies are in various states of repair. Alternatives that lower building maintenance cost, improve reliability and improve quality must be considered in the new economic reality. One such alternative is to contract complete building maintenance services management.


Lowering the “Total Cost of Ownership” for State and Local Governments

CGL’s statewide contract maintenance program can save significant cost, improve quality, and reduce risk for Georgia State public entities.

CGL’s outsourced maintenance program is managed to realistic goals and shows significantly reduced operation and maintenance costs by improving overall building conditions.

The SWC Supports You and Your Team

We understand that outsourcing facility management seems like a tough step to take. Senior officials fear losing control while employees fear losing jobs. Both these fears are unfounded. The SWC provides you with the resources to increase efficiency and success. The contract acts as a supporter, not a conqueror, by strengthening your team with resources, guidance, and education. It provides you 24/7 access to experts who will answer your calls, questions, and requests for help. This is a dedicated effort to boost your team, your facility, and your success.

As a participating Agency, you will benefit from:

  • Low markup on materials for corrective maintenance repairs

  • Improved facility life and operational performance

  • Dedicated staff to meet the preventive maintenance needs of all facility equipment

  • Reduced rates of equipment failures and facility operational downtime

  • An overall labor rate that is 11% below the industry average

  • On-site facility staff and managers supported by regional managers and technicians for fast, complete service

  • 24/7 response to maintenance issues within each facility to protect life, safety, and operations

  • Access to a Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that provides the ability to predict, define, and track repairs

The cost of deferred maintenance is too great to ignore.

Take immediate action for your facility and reap the benefits of savings.